The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

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We’ve previously discuss the role online shopping plays in fashion…but what really are the pros and cons of online shopping? We give you the honest truth about shopping for clothes online; keep reading to find out whether we think online shopping is really the best way to shop for clothes!


Pros of Online Shopping

  • Online shopping gives you the convenience of being able to shop on the go and from the comfort of your own home. Mobile devices now play such an active role in our everyday lives, being able to shop on the tube is a great convenience in our busy lifestyles.
  • Savings can be made where you would usually spend money on petrol, public transport and food whilst you’re out and about.
  • It’s convenient for people with busy lifestyles and not a lot of free time, online shopping enables you to shop 24/7 whether that is on your lunch break at work or late at night if you have long working hours.
  • Many online retailers such as ASOS stock multiple brands which gives you the simplicity and variety of being able to shop for multiple different garments, sizes and styles on the market without having the walk around multiple different stores or travel between locations to find the nearest store to you.
  • Some of the bigger retailers run online exclusive sales and offer special discounts for users who have signed up online. Prices are often cheaper online too because they don’t have running costs such as water and heating to pay for like you would in a physical store.
  • If you are quite an introverted person who doesn’t like big crowds or you are unable to leave the house, online shopping takes away the fear of venturing out into the high street and waiting in queues.


the role of online shopping


Cons of Online Shopping

  • The biggest con of buying clothes online is that you can’t try the garments on before you purchase them which leads to difficult return and refund procedures if the items don’t fit.
  • When creating a complete wardrobe it is much more successful when physically putting outfits together as you can see exactly which items go with each which.
  • Without being able to see what you’re buying in person you won’t be able to guarantee that it will suit your body shape or be the correct length etc. How the clothes look on the models online may not look the same on you as we are all different, pictures can be very misleading and result in poor purchases. The outfit might look great on the 5”10 size 8 model, but as a size 12 5”5 woman can you guarantee it’ll fit you the same?
  • Whilst online shopping is convenient in the sense you don’t have to physically go shopping, you often have to wait 3-5 business days for your parcel to be delivered unless you are willing to pay shipping costs. You also have to make sure someone is in to receive the item otherwise you will have to find time to go to the sorting office. Online shopping is not good for emergency items such as a last minute dress for a spontaneous night out with friends or a replacement garment the night before your wedding as it isn’t real-time.
  • Although by shopping online for clothes you save money on petrol and other expenses of the shopping experience, you do however get faced with very expensive delivery and shipping charges – especially if the items are being shipped from another country. Some online stores do offer delivery discounts over a certain price but this only encourages you to buy garments that you don’t need just to reach the free delivery limit!
  • When you purchase goods online you cannot guarantee that the product won’t be damaged on its journey to your doorstep, no matter how reputable the company is. Accidents happen and although most companies understand this, there have been cases where customers have not been able to prove that the goods were damaged before they received them which have then led to disputes over refunds and replacements. By shopping in stores you can visually see the product you are buying and know not to buy a faulty product, by shopping online you don’t get this luxury.
  • We live in an ever-growing digital age; physical rail tickets are slowly being scrapped and receipts are now starting to be emailed directly to you rather than printed in order to save paper. Without a debit or credit card, it will be very unlikely for you to be able to buy anything online. Not many online stores now accept cash or cheque so this is a limitation for people who are not set up with online banking.
  • In some stores such as jewellers and markets you are able to haggle to decrease the price and save yourself money, by shopping online you lose the power of being able to negotiate prices that you may have been able to attain in physical stores.
  • Unless they are a very well-known brand, how do you know you can trust an online retailer enough to give them your bank details and personal information? We are in an ever-growing security crisis where online fraud is a real issue and being able to identify a legitimate shop can be tricky.

Final thoughts…


Although online shopping can be convenient, it takes away the shopping experience and the joy of browsing the rails for your next statement piece. Shopping can be very therapeutic and a brilliant escape from your busy lifestyle, shopping online just isn’t the same as shopping with a friend. Fancy your very own luxury shopping experience? Coathanger offer a personal shopping experience that can help you completely transform your look and make you radiate confidence! With half day and full day packages available, you and our top fashion stylist Suzanne Bernie will spend the day browsing the shops for garments that will flatter and enhance your unique body shape and make you feel fabulous! Exclusive advice from a leading London fashion stylist can make all the difference to your perspective on fashion and the role it plays in your everyday life. Book a fun filled styling day now! Fill out the personal styling form here.