Wardrobe Detox: What’s Gone & What May Come Back

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Despite our wardrobe space dwindling by the day, it can take us months or even years to finally commit ourselves to a detox. Whether it’s going through the clothes that you don’t wear, the ones that you don’t like or the ones that are well and truly passed it; a wardrobe detox can be a cleansing experience! We all know the feeling when one day it all gets too much and we come to realise that only a quarter of our clothes are actually ever worn.

No more “but what if the sun comes out” or “I love that dress, it’s perfect for an undercover secret agent 1950s party with a Spanish twist!” excuses. If there are clothes that you haven’t worn for six or twelve months, you’re unlikely to ever find the situation where you’ll want them again.


It’s time for a detox!

Take a good, long hard look at what you’ve accumulated over the years. Go through every garment, every shoe, every handbag, everything! When did you wear them last? If you can’t remember, you don’t need them. Are those to-die-for shoes worn out or pilled, do they need re-heeling, are they worth re-heeling?

Part of the wardrobe detox is (excitedly) making way for new purchases. Whilst it might seem like you’re defeating the object, there’s nothing wrong with having a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes that you wear on a daily basis. The sad pieces that never come off their hangers are the problem, they’re better off without you! Take notes of all the pieces you think you’re missing, accessories can make entire new outfits out of what you have; take this list shopping with you so you know exactly what’s needed to make your wardrobe a happy place again!

White t-shirts and vests become tired very quickly. Nothing less than perfect whites will work, there’s a reason why grey and beige are separate colours entirely. Once they start to lose their brilliance, get rid of them straight away! Old work suits with dated jackets need splitting up, team the trousers with a smart shirt or cardigan and use the jacket as a casual blazer.

If you have unworn garments that you never got round to wearing, you probably won’t ever wear them! Try taking them back, you might find yourself lucky and recoup your entire spend. Failing that, take photos of the tags and sell them as brand new, unused clothing on eBay. To avoid this in future, kick the habit of buying exactly the same pieces but in different colours.

Start experimenting with new styles, trying clothes on costs nothing but time.


After your wardrobe detox, you’re going to feel cleansed, refreshed and in control. It might have been hard work, but now you’re left with a big gap to fill and you can feel a trip to the high street coming on! If you can’t bear it alone, Coathanger can help with a wardrobe makeover and we can even be your high street sidekick and help you with rebuilding your collection.

Nothing says fabulous like a woman in this season’s style.