Wearing Scarves This Season

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With autumn well and truly here and stamping its mark on us already, it’s high time to think about this season’s warmer fashion choices!


A quick, effective and inexpensive way to add the ‘wow factor’ into this new autumn season is with accessories. Adding a new necklace, fabulous ring or funky bracelet to last winter’s dress will bring it to life! There’s no denying that it’s clever to invest in high quality essentials in your wardrobe like a quality coat, a stunning cocktail dress and those fabulous pair of boots or shoes!


As well as complementing your outfits with the right accessories, scarves have already made a stellar comeback and there are some beautiful choices on the high street, ones that will totally lift your outfit. Not only is it crucial to wear the right print and colours it’s also important to know just how to wear them so that they don’t look too twee but more contemporary and stylish.



As with all types of clothing, you need to choose your colours dependent upon how they suit you. As far as scarves go, you should put them round your neck a couple of times and if your eyes don’t light up and your complexion glow it’s not doing its job.

95% of people buy dark coats from grey to black or navy, so don’t worry about matching your scarf, it can stand out in a subtle way with prints and textures or scream colour, either way it will be just right. Be adventurous and try something different, it costs nothing to try.



Men can also look at utilising scarves with their suits and overcoats. For those cool dudes who wear a 2pcs or 3pcs tweed suit, a cashmere scarf finishes the look off perfectly. Consider investing in a quality wool and cashmere trench coat and combining it with a scarf. Go for a subdued print for real style and finish the stylish look with a pair of tan brogue boots.


If you feel the nip and bite of winter more than most, try tucking your scarf into the neck of a chunky sweater, worn with skinny jeans give the perfect silhouette.

Fine wool or cashmere sweaters are practical and when worn with a bright silk scarf looks beautifully elegant. Blazers or leather jackets look great with the addition of a scarf, especially when combined with ankle grazer jeans in olive green or a wine colour and heavy biker boots.



In terms of shape, long narrow scarves are the easiest to handle but if you take a square scarf, hold a corner and drop the rest of the fabric downwards, so that you have one lone strip of fabric. Take the middle of the scarf and twist it twice, now you have a long scarf. Now wrap it round your neck, either one or twice, depending on the length and loop the tails through the loop. Then take the tails again and tie them twice. This way the scarf will have two uses, keeping you warm and decoration, a perfect substitute a necklace.