What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

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It can often feel like society is trying to fit you into a box and a category, focusing on our similarities rather than the things that make us unique. Self-expression is an important part of life and without consciously being aware of it; we are expressing our character everyday through the things we say, our body language and even our fashion choices. Forget “you are what you eat” – you are what you wear! If you have a distorted view of yourself, this will be reflective in your outfit choices and you may be portraying yourself incorrectly to those around you.



Black is a timeless colour which can easily be matched with any other colour to create endless outfit options. Black garments automatically make the wearer look more chic and stylish, making the outfit look more ‘together’ and making you look more professional and trustworthy. As well as making you exude authority, black also makes you look slimmer which makes it the perfect office wear solution. But beware as you age black may become too hard for your skin tone therefore choose…

chic black dress from harvey nichols

£455.00 – Harvey Nichols


Navy is a classic and refined colour that is much softer on your skin tone. It is a seasonal colour and always found on the shelves during spring, however in the last few seasons navy has still been around until late winter. It looks lovely and fresh with white or red for spring/summer and interestingly fab worn with black. Yes, you CAN wear navy and black!

floral navy bomber jacket from john lewis

£29.50 – M&S


Similarly to black, grey can sometimes be draining on skin tones. However the large range of grey shades on the market allows many different skin tones to wear this very chic colour with confidence! Just make sure you choose the right shade, especially if you’re wearing it up against your face. Adding a charcoal grey blazer to jeans and a crisp white or antique pink shirt gives a sophisticated and confident feel and is a nice change from a black.

womens suit jacket grey

£179.00 – John Lewis


White is a very fresh and a cool ‘stand out’ colour, making you unable to hide in a corner. It shouts confidence and works beautifully with white on white or cream and white or muted colours, greys and navy’s. It also brings denim to life in all forms from top to toe white, for a special occasion or a pair of white jeans with a denim shirt. The only two things you need to worry about when wearing white are that the white is clean and crisp and of course the weather. The sun needs to shine whether it’s spring/summer sunshine, or autumn/winter sun shine really doesn’t matter!

white skinny highwaisted jeans

£22.99 – NewLook


Red can sometimes be observed as an aggressive colour; in contrast it can also be interpreted as one of the most sexual colours a woman can wear. It is obvious why red is associated with both aggression and sexuality and both are very powerful emotions. Women commonly choose to wear red lipstick as a way of inserting colour into their outfit to come across strong in a more subtle way rather than wearing a red dress or red heels. Red is an intense colour that creates an uplifting energy, making the wearer feel sexier and more confident, just choose the shade of red carefully.

red heels from kurt geiger

£110.00 – Kurt Geiger


Women who wear yellow are often very energetic and fun loving; it is one of the least serious colours you can wear! Although yellow is an overpowering colour it is often the colour choice of summer accessories in terms of jewellery and hairpieces. It is a colour that makes a statement and looks incredible on darker skin tones. You can really go to town with this happy colour!

fitted yellow dress from zara

£49.99 – Zara


Green is a wonderful colour to wear according to your skin colour, hair colour and eye colour. It can bring your entire look alive when the right shade of green is chosen correctly. It is one of the main colours that work well with brown and looks fab on red heads or strawberry blondes.

maxi dress in green from ted baker

£179.00 – Ted Baker


Blue is a peaceful colour and there are many wearable shades including navy that can give you a fresh and edgy look. Blue represents loyalty and trust, as well as being one of the easiest colours to form an outfit. Fashion designers are aware of this, as many of the ranges on the runway in recent years have had splashes of blue in the designs. Many men choose all shades of blue shirts worn with grey or navy suites as this colour hits the spot whatever the hair colour!

gap navy shirt for women sleeveless

£17.99-19.99 – GAP

Pink & Purple

As well as being the number one colour associated with romance, light pink shades are very flattering and can be worn all year round never mind the season. Pink shirts are very versatile and can be worn casually tucked into a skirt or professionally with slim leg trousers, a blazer and heels.

coord in light pink from asos

£30.00 – ASOS

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