What is a Fashion Stylist?

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What is a fashion stylist and why do you need one? Put simply, a fashion stylist is a person who has an innate ability to understand colour, shape, textures and prints. And more importantly recognises exactly what suits another person whatever their size, shape and colouring. A good fashion stylist can dress another person according to their personality and life style, constructing a personal profile in order to get to know and understand everything about their client’s life style in both business and home life.

The perfect stylist will know exactly where to find all items required using a passion and years of experience in the fashion industry to handpick outfits, shoes, accessories, jewellery and individual garments for their clients. Whether these garments are from stores, boutiques, costumiers, designers or makers, a good personal stylist knows just how to interpret it to all ages, both sexes and for all areas of the business spectrum.

Whether you’re a celebrity or fancy the idea of being treated like one, a fashion stylist can benefit your life greatly. Using a personal stylist not only makes lives easier, less stressful and more imaginative, it’s also perfect for those who have a big events coming up and need a show stopping outfit or for someone who wants to step a little out of their comfort zone and needs to revamp their style with some guidance from the experts!

Do you find yourself looking in your wardrobe at multiple garments that you purchased because they were on trend or a friend said suited your body shape even though you weren’t quite sure? Do you find yourself exclaiming “Help! I’ve got so many clothes and nothing to wear!”? A fashion stylist can give you honest fashion advice with no biased opinions included, ensuring that you look stylish and feel confident in every outfit that is handpicked for you.

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A fashion stylist aims to change the way you look at your image and hopes to change your future fashion choices by giving you the best style advice. Sometimes it can be advised that you do a complete wardrobe detox to rid yourself of your bad fashion habits that are holding you back to open yourself up to new outfit ideas.

Say goodbye to clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time or have never worn and see how they can be refreshed and re coordinated. Enjoy the fresh start you need to reinvent a whole new wardrobe with renewed confidence.

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If you’re interested in hearing more about having a personal styling day with one of the experts at Coathanger or want to take the plunge and have a wardrobe detox, get in touch now to discuss what we can do for you! Fill in the form here to enquire.