Wimbledon is here…

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One of England’s most loved sports events kicks off in London this week – Wimbledon!

If your lucky enough to be sipping champagne and eating strawberries in the sunshine then your going to need something fabulous to wear!


There are however a few new rules that apply to both the players and the Wimbledon members!

This year for the first time in the history of Wimbledon since 1877, players are allowed to wear any colour they please instead of predominately white.

Also under the new dress code members will be required NOT to wear :

Jeans, flip- flops, short skirts, strapless tops ,shorts, zipper jackets, hoodies, casual or scuffed shoes!!

Men have to wear lounge suits or tailored jacket.



So here are a few ideas Coathanger has to ensure that you look the part for you wonderful day out….


Give the players a run for their money and go for the bights, your sure to stand out in the crowd.


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Of course it would be short sighted not to take along your trusted brolly, who knows when those black clouds are going to burst??!!