Winter Wear 2013 – Our Favourite Picks

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With winter almost here it’s about time for each of us to select our new outfits and begin the fight against the weather without lapsing into the habit of wearing wretched clothing. On the other hand, not everyone can be as style savvy as we are at; so here’s our view on the best and most beautiful trends of the next season.


Colossal Coats

One of the biggest and fastest spreading trends of winter 2013 will be coats and the excessive amount of material that are used to create them. At first these coats may appear a little outlandish and more than a little senseless but they give out a regal heir that’s impossible to resist.


These magnificent coats can be made out of a number of different materials and the textures are often paired with either the footwear or a number of accessories. Some examples of the different textures that have already been spotted on the catwalks and in some of the most expensive stores are tweed, suede, PVC, and cheaper materials such as polyester and wool. If there’s only one important purchase that you make this year, we recommend the colossal coat.












The Sensible Skirt

There’s nothing quite like a sensible skirt: stylish, sexy and comfortable to boot! By purchasing a sensible skirt you’ll be making the investment of a lifetime. The ‘sensible’ skirt is a skirt that reaches the calves and has a slight flair to it; this means that it keeps the majority of your legs warm, won’t embarrass you during strong winds and still shows enough skin to make you feel sexy.


The sensible skirt is an elegant piece that gives the impression of mystery and majesty – if you’re looking for a sample of sophistication you should consider purchasing an item like the sensible skirt.


Naughty in Navy

One of the most important trends sweeping across Europe during AW13 is the navy style. This particular theme looks so good it’s almost naughty; and there are a multitude of ways in which you can incorporate the colour into your wardrobe.


The most common navy outfits that we have come across are the suits and luxurious yet simple dresses – when attempting to introduce navy into your outfit keep in mind that the sharper the style, the more effective the look is going to be.


The most significant outfits of AW13 are those that include character without discarding comfort. To get the most out of your outfits during the winter of 2013 remember to wear your clothes like a second skin – this means that they should be of a tailored fit whilst also suiting your personality perfectly. For the latest on fashion and for professional advice from experienced style consultants you can get in touch with us here at