Finding your perfect bikini

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Getting into a bikini is a thought that I’m sure most of us dread. It can be extremely tiring and demotivating trying on endless amounts of swimwear in the unflattering lights of the changing room, making us feel less comfortable with our bodies then we did to begin with.

It is important when shopping for swimwear that you are aware of your shape and most importantly cupsize! There are countless amounts of women who buy the wrong size, and it’s one of the most simple problem to fix. If you don’t have time to try the swimwear on in the changing room, take a range of sizes home so that you have time to find the perfect fit. I would also encourage you to regularly change your swimwear (depending on how much you travel) – Discoloured swimwear is least attractive.

Am I too old for a bikini?

Is a question which I commonly get asked. I believe you are never too old for a bikini, however it is important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Confidence can be seen from a mile away.

Different Swimwear for different sizes

If you have a small waist and want to show it off cutout swimwear works a treat.

        .     .                 

If you’re a little bigger round the middle and want to cover your stomach I would suggest sticking to simple swimming costumes. Ruching is always flattering as it disguises the shape of your body as is wearing black. I know its not a summer colour, but it always helps when wanting to look sleek, sexy and classy.

Bigger busty ladies –

make sure you find swimwear with structure, It is so important not to be overflowing out of your bikini. I would avoid staying away from strapless bikinis and stick to more of a bra-style which has underwire and clasps to make sure you are supported.


Smaller busty ladies

If you are conscious of your cup size go for something that has a little bit of padding, however if you are a size B/C you have the option of the flimsier bikinis as you can find some really gorgeous patterns and shapes that will look super chic round the swimming pool


Complete your outfit with a lovely sarongs to go on top of your swimwear – giving your outfit the best possible look.