Fit & Fabulous For The Festive Season

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It is always difficult to shed those unwanted pounds during the cold winter months. We start wearing more layers, and divulge ourselves into our favourite comfort foods. Before we know it, those extra pounds have crept on without us even realising it. And the holidays are coming. That little black dress is calling!!!!!

Do you want to lose those few pounds before Christmas?

  • Do you want to be full of energy, vitality and feel great during the holidays?
  • Are you worried about how to navigate the Festive Season?

The Little Black Dress Plan, is your solution to all of the above!

This is a virtual programme for you to access anytime, anywhere, via a private Facebook group, which you can manage to suit your busy schedule.

You will receive exclusive online access to expert nutritional advice and support

  • Flexible meal planner and easy to follow recipes
  • Delicious nutritious and family friendly
  • Facebook and Q&A to deal with any questions or challenges
  • Support from a fabulous online Facebook group

This is a 14 day nutrition plan. Expect to increase energy, burn fat fast and lose weight the sensible way!

Special offer, only £29.00 when you mention COATHANGER

To register contact:


M: 07887880190

Coathanger has teamed up with top weight lose Nutritionist – Susan Fruhman, who has created an easy, step by step, two week guide, to keep you in control and in-shape in preparation for Christmas.

This amazing short term weight loss programme is a great way to get into shape and smooth off any lumps and bumps before the Christmas holidays.

Not to mention a perfect healthy eating programme that will work a treat post Christmas, if you’ve eaten a little too much Christmas pudding!

I don’t know about you, but If I am working throughout the day I sometimes struggle to make healthy nutritious foods which keeps me satisfied and full. Susan’s plan will give you multiple options as well as a Facebook page for you to ask all your questions.

So whether you are wanting to fit into your perfect Christmas dress, or be beach body ready – don’t waste any time and register now as the two weeks start this Monday!!